Am I Required to Hire a Trademark Attorney Near Me?

trademark attorney near me

If you’re seeking legal assistance with a trademark matter, one of the first things you might do is type “trademark attorney near me” into Google or another search engine and see whose website pops up.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Such a search would probably reveal at least a couple of nearby attorneys who you could further research and look into.  Maybe you’ll find a local trademark attorney who seems friendly, competent, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable.  But maybe you won’t.  And that’s perfectly OK.  You know why?  Because you can work with any trademark attorney you want regardless of whether the attorney is located down the street or across the country.  This is especially true if you’re seeking trademark search or trademark registration services, or if you require assistance with a trademark office action, trademark opposition, or trademark cancellation.

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U.S.-Licensed Attorney Helping Foreign Trademark Applicants

u.s.-licensed attorney

I’m U.S.-licensed attorney Morris Turek and I assist individuals and businesses located outside of the United States with their important U.S. trademark matters.  Since 2005, I’ve helped clients located on six continents (no Antarctica penguins have hired me yet) file their trademark applications, renew their trademark registrations, and defend their trademark rights.  As a U.S.-licensed attorney, I’m legally able to work with foreign individuals, businesses, and organizations no matter where in the world they happen to be.  I’ve implemented affordable and predictable flat fee trademark pricing for the vast majority of my services, and I offer numerous payment methods so that they can choose the one that’s most cost-effective for them.  In addition, I can easily communicate with non-U.S. residents through Skype, my Facebook business page, email, and the old-fashioned telephone.  I just want to make it easy for people residing outside of the U.S. to contact me and to work with me on all of their various trademark-related matters.

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What are Common Law Trademark Rights?

common law trademark

Common law trademark rights are an extremely important concept in trademark law.  In the United States, owners of common law trademark rights have significant protections against others who may seek to use a confusingly similar trademark to advertise and sell related products or services.  These rights can be enforced in a court of law and monetary damages may be awarded to a trademark owner whose common law rights were found to have been violated by someone else.

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