Why Should I Perform a Federal Trademark Search?

federal trademark search

Perhaps you’ve developed a new name or tagline that you really like and think is just perfect for a particular product or service that you intend to offer.  If so, it’s absolutely essential that you perform a federal trademark search to make sure that your name or tagline is available for your exclusive use throughout the United States.  A federal trademark search also helps to minimize the risk of being sued for trademark infringement by someone who might own prior rights in an identical or confusingly similar trademark.

Federal Trademark Search – Can I Use and Register My Trademark?

A federal trademark search is one type of US trademark search and is by far the most important for start-up, small, and medium-sized businesses.  It’s relatively inexpensive and will uncover whether anyone owns broad federal rights in a trademark that’s too similar to the one you want to use.  A federal trademark search also provides the most guidance regarding whether your trademark is eligible for registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  If the search reveals a pending application or existing registration for a trademark that is confusingly similar to yours, then it might be in your best interest to come up with a different trademark so as to avoid a potential lawsuit and maybe having to change your trademark in the future.

Search Before Using Your Trademark

In a perfect world, everyone would conduct a federal trademark search prior to adopting and using a particular trademark.  It would drastically reduce the number of trademark infringement lawsuits that are filed every year and would help businesses avoid the devastating and costly effects of losing an infringement lawsuit and having to change their trademark.  But, the reality is that there are thousands of businesses and organizations throughout the United States that have been using their trademarks for many years that never performed a trademark search.  In many cases, these businesses have grown to be quite substantial and have now decided that they want to invest in obtaining a United States trademark registration.

Search Before Registering Your Trademark

Let’s say that you fall into the category of businesses described above.  In that case, you wouldn’t be conducting a federal trademark search to clear your mark from a use perspective.  You’ve already been using it and it’s unlikely that you would change your trademark even if the search revealed that someone else was using an identical or similar mark first.  Rather, you would probably only want to know whether your mark is eligible for registration.  A comprehensive search of the USPTO records would provide you with that information and would let you know whether filing a trademark application would be a waste of money or not.

Perform a “Knockout” Federal Trademark Search

Fortunately, you can conduct a basic federal trademark search on the USPTO website through the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).  This is often called a “knockout” USPTO trademark search because it will uncover obvious conflicts that an experienced trademark attorney would find very quickly.  However, this free trademark check is not a substitute for a comprehensive federal trademark search because the limited functionality of the USPTO electronic search system won’t disclose all potentially conflicting marks.

After you complete your “knockout” search, you should hire a trademark attorney to conduct a more robust federal trademark search prior to adopting, using, or attempting to register your trademark.  A knowledgeable and trustworthy trademark attorney will give you a legal opinion informing you of the risks associated with using and registering your trademark, and you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing your trademark search was thorough and complete.

Questions About the Importance of a Federal Trademark Search?

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