Morris in the Media

US trademark attorney Morris Turek has been featured by several media outlets.

Television Appearances

Trademark Attorney Morris Turek Interview KPLR-11

Watch Morris being interviewed on KPLR-11 St. Louis!

Morris Turek on All About Business St. Louis

Watch Morris on All About Business St. Louis!

Radio Appearances

Morris Turek KTRS St. Louis Interview

Listen to Morris on 550 KTRS Radio St. Louis!  He has made several appearances on “The Night Shift” with Scott Sherman.

  Appearance #1
  Appearance #2
  Appearance #3
  Appearance #4
  Appearance #5

Podcast Appearances


Morris recently appeared as a guest on the enTRAPreneur Podcast.  Listen to him break down the importance of protecting your intellectual property with host J.J.

Trademark attorney Morris Turek speaks to Red Canoe Media about the differences between trademarks and copyrights, why they’re so important, and how to protect them.