Flat Fee Trademark Pricing

Here are my most requested flat fee trademark services and pricing.  I also encourage you to read the articles listed at the bottom of this page for information on how to compare and understand pricing offered by other trademark law firms and online do-it-yourself trademark services like LegalZoom, Trademarkia, and Trademark Engine.

Initial Telephone Consultation, Video Conference, or In-Person Meeting – FREE!

(just let me know what’s convenient for you)

Comprehensive Federal Trademark Search – $350


My trademark search service includes:


  • A comprehensive federal trademark search performed by an attorney using state-of-the-art SAEGIS software
  • An easy-to-understand written opinion letter explaining the search results
  • A telephone discussion with you about the search results

Why Should I Perform a Comprehensive Federal Trademark Search?

Preparation and Filing of Trademark Application $1,000


My trademark application filing service includes:


  • The USPTO filing fee for one class
  • Responses to non-substantive trademark office actions (not requiring research or argument)
  • Routine correspondence with you and the USPTO (telephone calls and emails)
  • Regular monitoring of your trademark application from start to finish
  • Tracking and docketing of all USPTO deadlines (I use reliable DocketTrak software)

How Does the US Trademark Application Process Work?

Trademark Office Action Responses Fee Depends on Complexity


  • Please email me your application Serial Number and I’ll review the office action free-of-charge
  • I’ll quote you a flat-fee for responding to the office action after review

What is a Trademark Office Action?

Preparation and Filing of Statement of Use – $350

(includes USPTO filing fee for one class)


What is the Statement of Use?

Preparation and Filing of Request for Extension of Time – $350

(includes USPTO filing fee for one class)


What is a Request for an Extension of Time?

Preparation and Filing of Section 8 (or Section 71) Declaration of Use$600

(includes USPTO filing fee for one class)


What is the Section 8 Declaration of Use?

What is the Section 71 Declaration of Use?

Preparation and Filing of Section 8 and 9 Trademark Renewal$1,000

(includes USPTO filing fee for one class)


What is the Section 8 and 9 Renewal?

Do You Need Other Flat Fee Trademark Services?

I’m US trademark attorney Morris Turek.  If the particular flat fee trademark service you’re seeking isn’t listed above, please contact me for a free consultation and quote at (314) 749-4059 or morris@yourtrademarkattorney.com.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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