What are Clients Saying About US Trademark Attorney Morris Turek?

I’m blessed to have served so many clients who can’t wait to let others know about their positive experiences working with me on their various trademark matters.  Below is just a sample of these kind and thoughtful reviews and testimonials.  You can also find other reviews and recommendations here:

Nate Edson, Country Bob

Excellent service.  I called Mr. Turek’s phone number and HE answered the phone.  He described the TM process and then delivered!!

Kim Hayes, The Kabine

Morris was very helpful, patient, kind and informative in the trademark filing process.  As a small business I am grateful for the opportunity to have his assistance.

Nader Binafard, Nationwide Access, LLC

Morris Turek is a Super Lawyer!  100% recommended!  He gets business done just the way he promises!

Angie Koehlar, Erin Rose

Morris Turek took care of my businesses trademark and did a fine job.  While our location is not shared in the same state Morris made sure I understood the trademark application process and kept me updated.  He is kind, efficient and professional.  I highly recommend Morris Turek and will call him again should need any further assistance on future ventures.

Vidya Swamy, American Technology Corporation

Morris was thorough and always followed up with reminders.  Thanks for helping us with the trademark registrations.

David Brower

Morris Turek is the lawyer to go to for your hands on professional trademark needs.  After having used a generic almost automated legal service to do some copyright legal preparations for my brand, I found Morris.  His straightforwardness, reliability, professionalism, communication skills and timeliness make him a diamond in the rough.  A lawyer one can lean on and trust in.  Amen!

Joseph Benson, Complete Home Partners

Mr. Turek provides a high quality service at an affordable price.  Everything was taken care of from start to finish with zero effort on my part!  I would recommend him to any small business thinking about filing for a trademark.

Becky Skubish, SkoobMark

As a consultant that works with start-ups, having a reliable and affordable trademark attorney has been hugely helpful.  Morris has done multiple submissions for my clients, all of which have resulted in successful outcomes, and has been a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend him!

Dominick Rodriguez, 5 Guys Holdings, LLC

We came to Morris to pursue another trademark after an online “trademark company” overcharged us and gave us poor advice that wasted money and time.  With Morris we received solid advice and didn’t waste time and money getting our TM.

Brian Neidig

He got my trademark approved for a reasonable price.  It was contested and he handled the issues like a pro.  Highly recommend.

Leisa Hirtz, Women's Global Health Innovations Corporation

Morris took the hassle out of our trademark issues.  Service was courteous, fast and professional.  Highly recommended.

Diann Allen, Allen's Tree Service

Morris Turek helped us fix a problem involving another an out-of-state company using our name to solicit business in our area.  Not only was he able to help us with the cease and desist, he advised us on proper trademark protocol to insure we would be better prepared if this were to happen again.  He was very knowledgeable and communication was great every step of the way.  We put down a sizable retainer and thanks to his efficient handling of our case, he was able to return the majority to us.  We greatly appreciate his honesty and expertise and would not hesitate to use him in the future or recommend him.

Tracy Cheung, Orthodontic Harmony

Working with Morris Turek has been great.  The trademark process can be tedious and wasn’t something I wanted to attempt on my own.  He’s been highly professional and made this process as straightforward for me as possible.  Initially, the Trademark Office wanted to deny my application, but he responded, and voila, got it approved.

Karolina Przybylska, Proof & Company Spirits Pte. Ltd.

We are an independent spirits company headquartered in Singapore.  Morris helped us with a number of matters relating to trademark protection of our brands in the US.  He is prompt and professional and we are happy with the services he has provided us up to date.

Jeff Hammontree, Rebel Source, LLC

Excellent, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in answering questions, in research and in communication. Thank you so much for your continued help!

Brahim Rechdi, PXL Apps

I was very pleased to work with Morris Turek on trademark applications.  He was always very responsive.  I trusted his knowledge and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich, Future Medicine Today

Thank you for looking after us Morris!  I appreciate your prompt and efficient service in our original filing and in helping us through some difficult challenges to obtaining our trademarks.  And thanks for being on top of reminding us to update/renew our registrations.  In all of my years in business I’ve never had such a smooth, efficient, and professional experience with any other attorney.

Joe White, Discount Air Pillows

Provided tons of information.  Answers questions promptly.  Prices are great.  Go to Morris Turek for your trademark needs.  Couldn’t be happier.

Mike Meadows, Awning Stars

This is the second time that I have used Morris for a trademark.  Each time the process was fast and smooth!  His fees are affordable and he is very knowledgeable and always in communication.  I highly recommend him for any business large or small to get your trademark done!  Thank you so much Morris!!!

Lynn Dowdall, inSurge

Brilliant service delivered with professionalism and efficiency.  Morris kept us up to date at each stage resulting in a seamless process.  A stress-free pleasure!!

Cecilia Harmon, Harmonic Herbs

Morris takes all the headache out of applying for a trademark.  He’s amazing and I feel so blessed to have been recommended to him.  I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great trademark attorney.  Thank you so much.

Nick Purler, Purler Wrestling

5 Stars All Day Long.  Done fast.  Not feet dragging like I had years ago.  And I only had to write one check and didn’t feel like I was being dragged along as I felt I was with my other attorney.

Chris Slavin, Zapatat

Morris is a great guy and a very effective trademark attorney.  He is trustworthy and delivers on his promises.  I highly recommend him for any trademark related work.

John Mancini, Cobalt Communications

I’ve used Morris Turek for five years now for his trademark service.  Every experience I’ve had with him has been exceptional.  Great price for success every time. He knows really knows what he is doing.

Shuaib Khan, Hollywood Traders

Morris is a wonderful professional person.  Makes the trademark registration process simple and easy.  Always on top of his job.  For me, he is the only recommended trademark attorney.

Alex Tran, AC Circuit Corp.

Morris Turek was very helpful in answering my questions as it relates to trademarking my brand.  He responds quickly and professionally using clear layman language that I could understand.  I will be using his services again for my upcoming products.  I recommend him highly.

Michael Stonnington, Stonnington Enterprises

Morris was superb and was able to lead Stonnington Farm to Trademark Success!  I recommend him to any serious business people.

Ammar Al Nueimi, Sage Plus

Great communicator, knowledgeable person, punctual and affordable prices.  With an exceptional patience Morris guided me from A to Z in receiving my Trademark certificate.  Thank you very much.

Chris James

Amazing and easy process.  It should be always be this precise, simple, and done well.  Mr. Turek is a perfect example of knowledge with customer service to the highest degree.  Highly recommended.

Elizabeth Ashcraft, Hypersomnia Foundation

Morris was very easy to work with, and he was able to trademark the logo of our nonprofit organization within a short amount of time.  He was extremely responsive to emails, and answered all of our questions (and held our hands) throughout the entire process.  His prices are very reasonable, too, which is important when you’re a nonprofit, charitable organization.  I give him an A+++.

Mark Cook

I tried to do it myself and got it all messed up.  For a reasonable fee, he straightened everything out and I received the trademark fairly quickly.  A pleasure to work with.

Peter Schrock, Novo Mission

We hired Morris Turek to assist us in registering a new trademark for our organization.  Throughout the process, he proved himself to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, and quick to respond to all of our questions.  His expertise helped us to avoid mistakes and roadblocks.  Now, a year and half later, thanks to Morris, we’re fully registered and ready to go.

Ty Antoine DeSouza, Ty Style

We were able to complete our full trademark with Morris.  He and his staff sent a complex rebuttal to some opposition from the Trademark Office, and we now have our trademark!  We will use him for all of our continuing patent and trademark needs.  Very fast responses and fair pricing.  Can’t get better than that!

James Crain, GrabMe Delivery

I don’t think I could find a bad word to say about my experience with Morris.  Always very quick to reply to any questions, very upfront, no surprises – I was very pleased.  I would gladly recommend him to anyone who needs trademark help.

Angie Watson, Alien Crew

Morris is great.  Friendly and knowledgeable.  Goes above and beyond for his clients.

Max Karagoz, Alton GmbH

Great Lawyer! 5 stars…. Morris was able to quickly get our trademark reviewed and pointed out some mistakes we made during our trademark filing.  He did a really good job for such a good competitive price.  Not only that, after speaking to some trademark lawyers (they didn’t find the mistakes), Morris was the only one telling us honestly what options we have, regardless if he would make attorney fees out of it or not.  Will definitely work again with him.

Frank Habeebullah, Rent a Vet Movers

I called Morris in a panic because someone contacted me demanding that I remove my company from all online platforms.  I started my business before this other company but they went through and completed the trademark process before me.  Morris listened to my story and pointed out that I had a strong case but that challenging the other companies trademark could prove to be very pricey.  He quickly came up with a solution that saved me thousands and even demanded that the other company compensate me.  I was blown away!  He could have easily encouraged me to challenge the trademark and racked up countless billable hours but instead he crafted a “win-win” for everyone.   You can’t go wrong here, Morris is knowledgeable, prompt with his email responses and he has integrity.  I recommend his services any day!

Tom Lucas

My son has consulted with Morris Turek on a couple of projects and had him represent him on one.  He was easy to communicate with and deal with.  He is very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and prompt.  I recommend him highly.

Raj Yerasi

I was referred to Morris Turek by a friend who had used him for some trademark work.  Morris returned my call that day and ended up answering my questions in just a few minutes over the phone, and he didn’t charge me.  I will definitely use him for any future work.

Troy Peterson, BJB Enterprises

Morris was fantastic to work with.  He took a complicated process and made it simple through his experience and recommendations.  His services are high quality but very affordable for small businesses.  I highly recommend Morris Turek for his trademark services!

Ciaran Dwyer, Techne Sports Network

Excellent service, timely communication and follow through from Morris.  I would highly recommend working with him.

Peter Perkins, Savvy Sales

First class service.  Always prompt to respond and ensure that I understood the answers to questions he helped me with!  I would highly recommend Morris to anyone.

Veronica George, CosMar Solutions

Morris was extremely helpful and knowledgeable during the trademarking process.  He really took the time to answer any questions and made getting a trademark very easy.

William Yowell, Bad Boyz Bail Bonds

Morris knows what he’s doing when it comes to Trademark Law. I would recommend him to all who need help with their trademark issues. Keep up the good work, Morris!

Nate Marschalk, Attorney at Law

Morris is an outstanding and dynamic trademark attorney. Simple as that. He has dedicated his career to the registration, enforcement, and analysis of trademarks and trademark issues, and his expertise is evident from the first time you meet him. Not only have I referred multiple clients to Morris, all of which came back to me with glowing reviews (and if I remember correctly each and every one of those clients came back to him for additional trademark projects after my initial referral), I have also witnessed first-hand his dedication to the St. Louis community. I co-teach a class w/ Morris at St. Louis Community College, and his lectures are both practical and engaging. We have also worked together on a number of charity projects through the Young Lawyers Division of BAMSL. In particular, Morris stepped up when I was overwhelmed in planning a charity event at Celebrate Saint Louis last July. I was, and continue to be, impressed by Morris’s dedication to his clients, his unparalleled work ethic, strong leadership ability, and legal reasoning skill set. I take referrals very seriously, and I would only refer a client to another attorney if I am supremely confident in both the “desk-side manner” and analytical ability of that attorney. Morris is the only trademark attorney that I can refer clients to with the utmost confidence in his abilities and be absolutely certain that they will be treated with honesty and respect, at a very reasonable cost. I have, and will continue to, refer clients to Morris if they have a trademark-related issue.

Michelle Moon, Moon Accounting Services

Knowledge, commitment, personal service, quality – just a few of the reasons that I highly recommend Morris Turek & YourTrademarkAttorney to all my business clients and associates.

Luke Carpenter

True story: I called this guy today and he actually answered the phone. I had a not-so-brief thought provoking conversation with him in which I learned a few things and that is more than I can say for most attorneys I’ve ever contacted. He was very knowledgable, polite, and was willing to take time to give me a little advice and encouragement. I will be using Morris’s services in the future. Thanks again Morris!

Tom Warner, GoMed Healthcare

Morris did a stellar job and is very knowledgeable when it comes to trademarks!

John Boyd

Topnotch lawyer in his field. This guy knows his stuff.

Frankie Gardiner

Morris is the best attorney that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely intelligent & professional and his prices are very reasonable! I will use him again if and when the time comes.

James H., LawnMowingOnline

Very impressed with the service received from Morris Turek. I was skeptical at first, as I am with any service I find online, but I asked around and he came highly recommended from friends who had received trademarks. He met me at my office and discussed everything and filed the trademark. He even sent some cease and desist letters to companies infringing on my trademark for a nominal fee. I would recommend Morris to anyone seeking a trademark.

Wade Lombard, Square Cow Moovers

Morris helped my brand new company with it’s trademark several years ago. At that time it seemed insignificant. We were just getting started and the trademark wasn’t really at the top of the to-do list. Halfway through the process another company made a stink about the name of our company. Morris was exceptional as we navigated this complicated issue. We didn’t have the money to fight this other, more established entity. Knowing our limitations Morris helped us acquire what we needed without jumping into expensive litigation. Now, five years later we’re a multimillion dollar company with nearly 60 employees. We owe much of that growth to solid branding. Branding that would not have been possible without Morris Turek.

Lee Bradshaw, Playfield USA

Morris has helped us in areas other attorneys could not help, I cannot express fully our appreciation for Morris and the work he has done for our corporations. He is knowledgeable, available, and easy to work with. I do not think an individual or corporation could find a better trademark attorney.

Andrew Sussman, The Felt Board Lady

We were in need of trademark assistance and registration and found Morris from the recommendation of a friend. Morris helped with trademarking our company’s logo and name. As we are a growing business, we will need Morris to help with some of our future endeavors, and wouldn’t look anywhere else!

Kendall Baker, Christ Solid International Church

Attorney Morris Turek is simply amazing. He swiftly used his brilliance and expertise to get my project up and rolling so seamlessly. I recommend that all new companies consult with Mr. Turek. His in depth trademark knowledge will protect your interests in a very timely manner. Thank you Mr. Turek. Keep up the great work.

Carlo Colombo, Selerant Corp.

We have been using Morris services for two years now and we have had a very positive experience. He’s been always answering to our inquiries in a short time and providing services at a reasonable price. He gave us often valuable professional recommendations.

Kelly Ross Kerr, Amped Up Digital

Morris has been great to work with! He helped me with my current trademark registration, as well as some that I cam considering for the future. He is always professional, timely, and knowledgeable. I have recommended him to several of my peers and I would suggest that you consider working with him when you have a need.

Robert Rice

Professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He was unable to help me but in my case, I was unable to be helped by any attorney. He was honest, however, and didn’t provide false hope to “close a sale.” We will keep Mr. Turek in mind for future needs. Five-Star service.

Taryn Rodighiero, Kaikini

Made a hard situation easy! Morris walked us through the whole process and won our case! He answered every question and offered sound advice. Highly recommend working with him for any trademark issues or questions you might have.

Marc Smith, Parodyne

We have now successfully obtained three (3) trademarks with Morris Turek! I can’t say enough great things about our experience… Morris is easy to reach, and always very prompt with replies and followup. His knowledge and judgement is always spot-on!

William Tremblett, Zavfino 1877Phono

My company is based in Canada and needed to get our trademark registered in the USA as soon as possible, which meant getting the process right the first time our application was submitted. Morris took care of everything for me, and kept me informed on the progress of my trademark application at various intervals during the process. Thanks to Morris we now have our trademark registered in the USA.

Corey, Speedcotran

Great experience! Very professional and had our trademark application processed quickly. Highly recommend!

Deborah Price, Missouri Partnership

Mr. Turek provided quality service and followed through with what he promised in a timely manner.

Taylor Shomaker

Morris has helped me get approval on three separate trademarks, and he’s currently working on a fourth for me. Morris has made himself very accessible to answer questions compared to other lawyers I’ve worked with in the past, and his services have greatly helped me protect the intellectual property of my business! Thank you Mr Turek!

Ian McFarland, Modern Weapon Systems

Great guy and good at what he does. We have used Morris 3 times. One of our trademarks came back today approved even after a bump in the road. One was not but we have consulted with him and are reapplying another way to get a better result. One still pending but I know we will have a really good chance with Morris at the wheel. Rates are reasonable and communication and taking the time to explain things is very good. Highly recommend him for trademarks.

Robert Fleming, Mobility Worldwide

Mr. Turek assisted us in our trademark applications. He gave us good advice, and was very professional in keeping us advised of progress and completion of the process. His expertise made advising my board easy, and gave me confidence that we had made the right choice in retaining him for this work. I recommend him to my fellow attorneys; if you want it done right, the first time, call Morris

Austin Jackson, Decision Partners

Morris did a great job setting expectations and guiding us through the process. Plus we were successful in getting an unused similar trademark cancelled. Would definitely use again.

Blessing Akpofure, MD

Prior to working with Morris I have spent a fortune dealing with what I now realize was a paralegal firm to obtain a trademark.

Lesson 1: Paralegals are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, thus I had to be referred to an attorney for extra fee each time, I had a legal question. You live, you learn. Will never do that again.

I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with YourTrademarkAttorney as they handled my case very professionally. It was so easy to rest knowing that they had everything under control and I did not need to figure what specimens were needed. It was a refreshing experience.

This was a second project and will definitely use their services again in the future should I have the need. It was a great pleasure and it was great to have an expert in this ever changing arena called the USPTO.

Thank you Morris!

Nicholas Diaz, Wuno

Morris is straight to the point and follows through with the job. He makes the process simple and handles all the heavy lifting, all you have to do is give him the information he needs to get going. He is very knowledgeable in the trademark field and I felt safe knowing he was on top of my legal affairs. I suggest you use him if you are looking for someone to guide you through a complicated legal process concerning your business.

Pamela Barinoff, Innovative Ionizing Technologies

Great to directly speak with an attorney to determine the trademark submission requirements and get feedback. Got fast responsive submission of the trademark. Filing went through smoothly without any issues. Great efficient service was provided by Morris Turek.

Mikell Rush, Buoyant Spa

“Trademark Attorney” is the exact description of Morris Turek. Morris was very responsive with any calls or emails I had, and explained everything thoroughly. He made everything very easy and was very reasonable. I highly recommend Morris if you are looking to Trademark. Thanks Morris!

Montri Visatsud, Siam Cleveland International

I’m so impressed. English is my second language but he has no problem to communicate with me at all. Morris always gives me a quick response and the job was well done smoothly. I would like to recommend to anyone who needs a trademark lawyer.

Kristine Marshall, Comfy Care Clothing

Morris is worth his weight in gold! Knowledgeable, diligent & extremely easy to communicate with. He shoots things straight with you, no false hope given, & no B.S.! I just wish all my business attorneys were this wonderful to work with.

Shawna Newman

Morris was very easy to work with and made the trademark process very easy. Would definitely use his service again in the future.

Charles Rivett-Carnac, Laserware

Morris asked me whether I would be happy to write a review for him and I’m only too pleased to. We were registering a trademark for a UK business and it was a bit daunting, but Morris did everything for us and made the process very easy. I’d be happy to recommend, especially for other non-US based businesses.

Polly MacMichael, Rolling Fatties

We are all about working with local businesses, the Maine firm we initially contacted to handle our trademark opposition recommended we work with YourTrademarkAttorney due to the complexities of our case. As soon as we started working with Morris, we felt confident. We appreciated his efficiency with guidance and instructions, his attention to detail, his patience, and overall effort as we went through the opposition. He was clear with us about costs and potential outcomes. He was positive and despite odds, believes he can win. He felt more like a respected coach to us than a lawyer, mentoring us through the process. Additionally, Morris (and Kevin) are great guys. We had to travel to St. Louis to testify and in the down time, they were fun to hang out with. They made us feel like we were valued clients even though we are a super small business. If we had lost our opposition, we would have felt satisfied– that we tried our very best because we were working with the best. As it turns out, we won the opposition. We would highly recommend YourTrademarkAttorney because they are trustworthy and honest, and even in hard cases, they get results. Don’t waste time and money with another lawyer when it comes to your trademark.

Ricky Hall, NutritionHQ

Morris is great to work with. He provides top shelf service and gets things done. Highly Highly recommend.

Elisa Rangel Morgado, Zevenet

We are a company with residence in Spain, but since many of our clients are from the United States, we had to register the brand there. We contacted Morris after doing a Google search and he has helped us throughout the process. Thank you!

Emma Lee, CashShield

Morris helped us through a fuss-free process and was very professional throughout. Definitely would recommend to anyone who needs similar services!

Robert Hannegan, Authority Logistics Solutions

Morris guided us expertly through the steps of obtaining our registered trademark for our company logo. He kept us well informed throughout the process. A++++

Olivia Wright, Rallier

Morris did an incredible job securing our trademark. He was always quick in his responses and very clear throughout the whole process.

Jonathan Tynes, Kick Print

Morris is amazing. He responded to me very quickly, helped me get my trademark registered and approved and provided me with the paperwork. It’s rare to find customer service in an attorney, but Morris provides it well. He’s earned my business for life!

Gary Le Mon, Natural Wonder Pets

I have enjoyed working with Morris Turek since 2012 on 4 of my trademarks. He answers my questions with knowledge and professionalism, and navigates the legal system as efficiently as lawyers who have charged me twice as much. Why would anybody not use Morris?

Zack Miller, Tone Body Fitness

Morris helped me secure a trademark for my business. He was very helpful, and answered all of my questions throughout the process. I’m new to this, and he was very patient with me. Thanks again!

Can Aykanat, Flymoon Holdings

Morris is very professional and always very quick to answer any questions I have. Highly recommend him!

Tony Reiss, Skull Daddy Graphics

Outstanding help for us, very responsive and gets the job done!

Jolie DeMarco, My Flora Aura

Super responsive,professional and completed all I asked for! Morris is the best attorney! I highly recommend him!

Erin Sweeney, Edens Garden

I have worked with Morris over 6 years and use him for all of my trademark needs. He is always professional, attentive and very informative. He has been extremely easy to work with and vital to the growth of my company. Thanks for all the great work Morris!

Mitsuhiro Hisamatsu, Good Partners Enterprise

Great response time and services. Definitely recommend if you want to trademark your items!

Paul Kienker, Output Performance

Morris provided terrific support and counsel for our team, especially while working through the trademark process — I highly recommend him to anyone!

Lionel Farjon

Excellent attorney to work with, great response time, great services.

Florence Luo, Twinklebelle Design

I’ve been using Morris for a few times now. My original trademark application was rejected when I used someone else. Then I contacted Morris, he gave good advice on how to proceed and I got my trademark registered in less than 6 months. I recommend using him, he is professional in this field.

Jami K., Lifesong for Orphans

We had a GREAT experience working with Morris Turek! He helped us get our trademark and made the experience incredibly easy. I would HIGHLY recommend him. Thank you Morris for your service!!

John Craddock

Morris Turek knows his stuff when it comes to trademarks. He’s thorough and doesn’t waste time. He doesn’t have a very warm and fuzzy personality, but most good attorneys don’t, I guess. In the end all that matters is results.

Josh Acker

Morris has been a great attorney from start to finish! He was always there to answer any questions I had and always made me feel like things were being taken care of. I highly recommend Morris for your trademark needs.

Dave Gillespie, DFW Dent Guys

We are very satisfied with the results we got from working with Morris Turek as our trademark attorney. We got our trademark, which was not a slam dunk. Even though the Patent and Trademark Office made the process take quite a while and asked follow-up questions, we were not charged supplemental fees. Our recent experience with other attorneys on other matters was that they kept on charging fees and never delivered. Morris Turek delivered the fully filed trademark and only charged the fixed fees. Great!

Andrew Weiss, Fernweh Distilling Co.

Morris was absolutely delightful to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the entire trademark process and was very prompt with his responses to all of my questions. Talk about a worry-free, hassle-free experience… I highly recommend him for all of your trademark needs.

Brian Hambrick

Morris was very easy to work with, very knowledgeable , and informative. Answered any questions we had regarding our trademark. We will definitely use him again and will highly recommend him.

Stefan Bajer, Smart Shopping Club

He has done a very professional job. All bs was cut and our trademark application was resolved in a professional and fast manner.

Stacey Dorn, K & S Helicopters

Tried the DIY path first time around. Failed! Morris is very efficient, professional and has sent me reminders when updates are due. He makes the entire process very simple and quick.

Mandy Darr, The Covering House

Morris is wonderful to work with. He walked us through the process and he was always happy to answer our questions.

Kelly Ferrara, StratCommRx

Morris is easy to work with and efficient. He has provided keen insights in areas where he believes our time and money are wisely spent to pursue trademarks, and makes a compelling case when he thinks such pursuits would be unsuccessful. I greatly appreciate his experience.

Tom Shu, Blue Penguin Coffee

I definitely would recommend Morris’ services. Going in, I had no idea what to expect in the trademark process as it was my first time, but Morris made it easy to understand. In the end, we successfully registered my brand’s trademark even with a few hurdles we ran into during the process.

Mary Ann Eltarian, Many Mansions

Morris follows up your enquiry with a conversation, no matter where you are in the world – to answer your questions. This very important first step establishes whether it may be viable to pursue a trademark dream, or not, without obligation. Morris doesn’t push and that freedom to choose him as your attorney or not, encouraged us to go forward, trademark applied, and successful. I recommend the personal service we received, no problem!

Scott Roller, Vendor Surf

We have used Morris for 6+ years and could not be more pleased. He is the consummate professional, efficient and a great value. He does exactly what he promises and always gives sage advice.

Eric Armstrong, TreeLight

Easy to work with, and stays on top of the registration deadlines. Good stuff.

Kristi Botha, Maad Brands

Morris is the only trademark attorney that we work with now. He has secured numerous trademarks for us. His fees are clear and easy to understand. He gets the job done well and is great about communicating what information he might need from you during the process.

Paul Gubany

Instead of just trying to get money out of me for creating a trademark, Morris gave me REAL advice and treated me like a person not a potential client. Honesty and integrity earn business. He has earned all of my business.

Teck Kuoch

Morris explained the process and costs of obtaining a trademark upfront and kept me informed throughout the process so I could make informed decisions.

Basat Khalifa, Sector Nine Distribution

Great law firm to deal with for US trademark registration. Would highly recommend and I will only use Morris for any US trademark registration.

Michael Welch, Platinum Elephant

Morris has provided outstanding legal counsel for our Amazon business. He has helped us navigate several delicate and time sensitive trademark and copyright issues we have experienced over the years. He is quick to respond, efficient and affordable. I highly recommend him to anyone needing trademark guidance and legal support!

Clarence Bradley, Armadale Vodka

I’m the CEO of Armadale Vodka and I have known Morris for over 7 years and he handles all my trademarks for my businesses, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Morris to anyone who needs an awesome trademark attorney!!! The trademark issues he has handled for my businesses goes beyond exceptional!!!!!!!!! AGAIN IF YOU NEED A TRADEMARK ATTORNEY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim J. Schmidt, SkinPro

I’ve dealt with many attorneys in the IP space, and Morris was the absolute best one I’ve worked with. Quick, to the point, and very helpful throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Andre Villa, EYOB.com

Morris is an extraordinary individual with extensive knowledge as a trademark attorney. I frequently contact him to gather his insights on my trademark registration and I highly recommend his services. Not only is he my attorney he has become a friend.

Amber R., Metal Lotus

Very easy to work with, wouldn’t hesitate to come back.

Lisa Witt, Ameriprise Financial Services

Working with Morris was great. He was responsive and very helpful in answering my many questions and confirming I understood the entire process.

Joseph Magaro

Morris was a consummate professional throughout our trademark process. He takes personal accountability for his work and is ALWAYS accessible. He actually answers the phone and returns voicemails. He sets realistic timeframes and sees to it there are no unnecessary delays. I highly recommend Morris Turek to any business in need of a trademark.

Luke Sydnor

Morris knows what he’s doing when it comes to trademark law. He responds quickly to all questions and his work is efficient. Highly recommend his services to anyone looking.

Michael Ash, Rose Concrete Coatings

We re-branded this year because other businesses in my area had a similar name. Morris helped trademark our new name and it feels great to know we have a brand protected by the US Trademark office. Thanks Morris for all of your help, it was great working with you.

Armon Harris, ThinkSmart Apparel

Mr. Turek did an excellent job communicating and making sure I was informed on the status of my trademarks. He answered all of my questions fast and no direct. Thank you!

Shawn Mollerus, Furthest Frontiers Expeditions

Morris Turek is a great trademark attorney. He takes the time to explain how trademarking works and is very responsive to any emails or questions. I highly recommend his service.

David Guerin, PayPrin

Morris has proven to be an excellent and ongoing resource for our trademark registrations. We appreciate his focus and expertise on trademarks. His straight forward approach combined with personal service is also greatly appreciated and highly recommended.

Josh Griffin, Agile Life Designs

I was very happy with Morris’ services for registering our trademark for a new brand. He made the process simple and easy and was professional throughout, and his communication was great.

Joe Nesselhauf, Bearded Golfer

Morris made this process extremely easy!! And that’s what I wanted. He was always prompt to respond and walk me through things when I had questions throughout the process up until, during, and after my trademark was finalized. I would recommend him to anyone!

Pete Zimmerman

Working through the trademark process was new to me. I considered using one of the online discount outfits, but thankfully came across some of Morris’ articles before I made that mistake. I’ve used Morris’ services a few times now – he is great to work with, and has been knowledgeable, timely, and consistent. Also appreciated his clear explanations on a complex topic.

Bart Laster, Bartist ArtWear

I highly recommend Morris for your trademark filing needs. He was very concise and available to answer any questions I had. He protected my brand and got the trademark successfully registered!

Eva Lin, ErgoChief

We came to Morris with some complicated case after some lousy work had been done by our previous trademark lawyer. Morris was fantastic at helping us through each stage and of course got us our trademark! We have many other trademarks and Morris will be our #1 choice!

Vicki King, AOK RVs

We are very happy with the work Morris did to get our trademark approved!

Brian Hart, Harty Haulers

Very happy with Morris handling our trademark application. Excellent to work with and very accessible!

Stephen Ingram, DirectGlow.com

Several marks done with Morris at YourTrademarkAttorney.com through the years. Always fast, always helpful, always fair. Highly recommended.

Ralph Hoehne, She Shines

Was such a great resource helping us get through a sometimes sticky trademark battle and journey!! Excellent service.

Myrna Morris, Potent Naturals

Great communication during the process and everything went fine. Now working on our second trademark application. I highly recommend attorney Morris Turek!

Richard Dinkela, Roamin Rich's Hooked on Route 66

Morris took care of getting two trademarks for me after a previous attorney failed to follow through. I will definitely use Morris again.

Benjamin Nagengast, Point Summit

I’ve trademarked 3 business names with Morris Turek over the last few years. His services are very reasonably priced and he is very responsive. I have other lawyers I’ve worked with in the past, but it’s more economical and efficient for me to work with Mr. Turek because he specializes in trademarks. I highly recommend him.

Becky Lewellen Povich, Author of “From Pigtails to Chin Hairs”

I am an author and met Morris Turek about five or six years ago. At that time I was considering a writing endeavor that concerned me about copyright issues. Mr. Turek was very professional, explained copyright laws, and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I highly recommend him.

Dana Ben-Yehuda, Better in Stilettos

I am happy to share my experience in working with Morris Turek on a trademark issue. He was very professional and handled everything in a timely manner. Most importantly, we won our case!

Doug Belleville, STL Beds

We hired Morris to advise us for trademark concerns relating to our corporation. He was able to explain what was needed, how the process would work, and the value of having these legalities covered. We will be using Morris again in the future and would recommend hiring him. He is a true professional and extremely reliable.

Jacqueline Walker, Proforze

Morris did our trademark at Proforze. He walked us through the whole process and answered all of our questions promptly. We were very satisfied with both the quality and cost of the work and are looking to hire Morris again to do another trademark for a branding project at Proforze. I would recommend Morris if you have any trademark work you’re looking to outsource.

James Romano, Fire Cirkl

Morris contacted me in January of 2012 after I received a Notice of Opposition from another brewery over the use of my brewery’s name. They were a large company with deep pockets and their own legal department. I had contacted a couple of local lawyers before Morris had contacted me and the response I got from them was “pay me (a lot!) now and then see what I can do for you.” With Morris it was different. I felt the conversations we had were candid and open. He explained the nature of the issue I was facing, why it occurred (I had used the U.S. government web site to research my previous business name), what my chances were should I decide to fight the opposition, what he thought my best course of action was and what it would cost – all before I paid him one dime or even committed to his services. It was like talking with a friend or brother. The issue was settled quickly and easily, to the satisfaction of both parties. In the end, I had a new name (which I liked better) and the confidence that there would be no more challenges of this sort. It was all done quite reasonably, easily, and quickly. I give Morris Turek my highest possible recommendation as the person to go to for all of your trademark needs.

Anthony Favazza, Attorney at Law

Morris is my go-to guy for all trademark issues. His advice is practical and reasonable. I’m also always surprised how reasonable his rates are. I would (and actually do) recommend him whenever I get the opportunity.

Paul Peters, Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Morris has helped us with a number of trademark registrations and disputes, and he has done a great job each time. I highly recommend working with Morris.

Calvin Dorn, Paradise Helicopters

The last thing you expect when you trademark your name is another company blocking your efforts. Thankfully, Morris stayed fully engaged throughout the process, negotiated with the other company, and brought the trademark to completion. Morris is cognizant of costs and makes recommendations based on best value. I would highly recommend Morris to anyone who needs assistance with a trademark issue!

Barry Kepp, Nova Innovations

Morris is outstanding. His work is excellent. He’s on time every time. He’s trustworthy and delivers on his word. His communications are detailed, thorough, and clear. His prices are reasonable. He’s very accessible, responsive, professional, and one of the most decent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and doing business with. I’ve enjoyed working with him for the past two years and I fully anticipate working with him for many years to come.

Steve Wisdom, S & S Wisdom

After searching for a trademark lawyer to do our trademark for our company, we picked Morris. Morris explained how the trademark process worked and then he took care of it all and got us our trademark. He made the whole process seamless for us and at a very fair cost. We couldn’t be happier. Many thanks to Morris!

Pamela Thompson, I Promise Project

Morris Turek helped my company, I Promise Project, LLC, with an important trademark matter regarding our “iProm!se” silicone bracelets. I contacted Morris after conducting an internet search for a good trademark attorney, and I feel like the luckiest person alive to have found him. He was professional, prompt, and fair. I personally believe that Morris is one of the top trademark attorneys in the US! He is a young attorney well on his way to greatness. He is comfortable with social media and gives back through his blogs and video updates on trademark issues – this is very important to me as a college professor. My trademark issue was no small matter and we were able to achieve a satisfactory resolution without disrupting business. Thank you, Morris!

Eluka Moore, Bread and Butter Publishing

I had the pleasure of working directly with Morris within the first year of business at Bread and Butter Publishing, LLC. He provided excellent legal guidance for our children’s series, “Kitchen Club Kids,” and what we needed to consider and ultimately do to protect our brand. His legal advice was always delivered in a professional manner, was simple to understand, with no surprises. As a small business owner, I appreciate the superb customer service and accessibility of Morris in an ever-changing landscape such as publishing. I look forward to continuing our working relationship for years to come.

Mark Rauschert, Steinjager

I have worked with Morris on establishing a number of trademarks, as well as understanding subtle intellectual property issues. In all cases, I have found Morris knowledgeable, prompt, fair, and great to work with. I have recommended him to multiple business acquaintances and will continue to do so in the future.

Louis Capece Jr., Music World Enterprises

As a small family business, we were total newbies when it came to filing our first trademark. Morris was absolutely outstanding in explaining the process in an easy to understand manner, while patiently walking us through all the steps. Emailed questions would often be answered within minutes in a most friendly and professional manner. Morris Turek – the next best thing to having an Uncle who’s a trademark attorney!

Gerald Beauford, GDB Wear

As a small business owner, and I’m sure with any business, we look for trust, honesty, and quality. Morris Turek is just that! Having my trademark completed by Morris was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He was professional, efficient, and informative. I highly recommend his services!

Bob Gontram, 5 Star Burgers

I have filed for trademarks in the past, but never as easy and uncomplicated as working with Morris. Working with a pro like Morris in the trademark field, cuts right to the point and the job gets done. What else would a client want?

Kevin O’Neil, Candywriter

Morris has been handling my software company’s intellectual property matters for the last few years. He has consistently proven himself reliable, affordable, timely, honest, friendly, empathetic, and exceptionally knowledgeable. Morris is the go-to individual for trademark issues big or small.

Scott Roller, 3W Partners

Morris did absolutely everything he said he would do in support of my trademark needs for SOFT SKILLS UNIVERSITY, which also included a threatened legal challenge from a UK company. He quickly understood my needs and implemented a successful strategy to drive the desired outcomes. It is a pleasure working with Morris, taking full advantage of his experience and abilities.

Michael Gervais, Silent Warrior Investigations

Mr. Turek provided sound advice and the correct path to obtaining a trademark for my business. He kept me apprised of the status of the application as it progressed through the Trademark Office, and when I had questions, he was quick to respond. I find Mr. Turek to be very professional and knowledgeable, along with being very personable and friendly. I know he can be counted on and will remain my attorney for all future needs related to my business.

Eric Stuhler, Chief Counsel, Lindenwood University

I consider trademark and copyright a specialty and I need Morris’ services to make sure that our logos and our trade names are all protected. He’s thorough, and because he concentrates on that, I know the job is done right.

William Haynes, Sabai Technology

We contacted Morris about some trademarks for new products that we needed. The pricing, service, and timely work were refreshing. He also found a problem with an earlier trademark done by another firm that we got resolved quickly. He’s got high integrity and accomplishes what he says he will, when he says he will. I’ve already recommended several business owners to him.