What is a Canceled Trademark Registration in the USPTO?

canceled trademark

A canceled trademark registration in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a trademark registration that’s no longer valid.  Once a registration is canceled, it’s considered dead and cannot be used by the USPTO to refuse registration of a trademark filed by someone else.  The owner of a canceled trademark registration loses all of the benefits of trademark registration, and it potentially creates a situation where someone else could register a confusingly similar trademark for identical or related products/services.

What Results in a Canceled Trademark Registration?

The USPTO cancels trademark registrations for a number of reasons.  For example:

What Does a Canceled Trademark Registration Mean?

I think it’s much easier to answer this question by discussing what a canceled trademark registration doesn’t mean.  A canceled trademark registration doesn’t mean that the trademark itself isn’t in use or that the trademark has been abandoned.

Unintentional Cancellation

Trademark registrations are often canceled without the knowledge or consent of their owners.  This generally happens because the owners don’t realize that their registrations need to be maintained and renewed periodically to keep them in full force and effect.  In addition, sometimes owners of registrations never receive any notice that a third-party has filed a petition for cancellation against their registration (usually because the owners didn’t keep their contact information current with the USPTO).  The same can happen when a third-party files a Petition for Expungement or Petition for Reexamination against their registration.  If the registration owner doesn’t receive notice of the challenge, then obviously the owner can’t respond to the challenge.  The TTAB or USPTO then automatically grants cancellation, which results in a canceled trademark registration.

Intentional Cancellation

Conversely, there are times when the owner of a registration chooses to allow the registration to be canceled even though the trademark itself may still be in use.  For instance, perhaps the owner doesn’t have the money and resources to defend against a trademark cancellation.  Or, perhaps the owner isn’t making enough money from the use of the mark to warrant the maintenance and renewal fees.  Or, maybe the owner agreed to voluntarily surrender the registration as part of settling a trademark dispute with another party.

What Does Cancellation Not Tell Us?

Regardless of whether the cancellation is intentional or unintentional, the point is that a canceled trademark registration doesn’t tell us whether or not its owner still enjoys common law trademark rights and, if so, how substantial and expansive those common law rights may be.

Can a Canceled Trademark Registration Be Reinstated?

It’s extremely difficult to have a canceled trademark registration reinstated.  In fact, about the only way to achieve reinstatement is by proving that the USPTO made an error (e.g. the USPTO didn’t process a maintenance or renewal document that was timely filed and paid for).  Even then, the request for reinstatement needs to be made within a certain period of time after cancellation of the registration.  So, for all intents and purposes, canceled registrations almost never become active registrations again.

If the registration was canceled after the TTAB issued a default judgment and granted a petition for cancellation, the owner of the canceled trademark registration can file a motion to set aside the default judgment.  It is within the TTAB’s sole discretion whether to grant such a motion, and it will normally only do so if the owner can prove a very good reason why no answer to the petition for cancellation was filed.  If the owner is able to persuade the TTAB to vacate the default judgment, then the canceled trademark registration will be reinstated and the trademark cancellation will begin again.

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